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But I felt that I needed to do more hands-on research — literally. I found an amazing weapons expert, ran scenes by him to check accuracy, and then went out on the shooting range to shot revolvers, pistols, bolt-action and automatic rifles, and even a monster gun called the elephant rifle, which nearly took my shoulder off with its powerful recoil action.

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The shooting was enormous fun and it turned out I was pretty good at it. The hardest to write was a sex scene which one of my beta readers felt was needed. It made me hysterical with nerves, and I was sweating by the time I finished it.

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And after all that, I wound up not including it. It is an excellent book, one of my all-time favorites. Kass: Folks, if you have comments or questions, please jump in below. But keep in mind that Jo is in a very different time zone from the North American continent, so there may be a bit of a delay before she responds. The First Time I Died When Garnet McGee returns to her small Vermont hometown for the holidays, she vows to solve the mystery of the murder which shattered her life ten years ago.

But after dying in an accident and being brought back to life, she starts hearing voices, seeing visions and experiencing strange sensations.

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Are these merely symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and an over-active imagination, or is she getting messages from a paranormal presence? Garnet has always prided herself on being logical and rational, but trying to catch a killer without embracing her shadow self is getting increasingly difficult. And dangerous, because in a town full of secrets, it seems like everybody has a motive for murder.

Fast-paced and riveting,. The First Time I Died is a suspenseful and haunting crime story with a supernatural twist. Please help us welcome Teresa Trent to our blog for another crime writers interview. I just love her Pecan Bayou cozy series, and now she has a new series out… oh goody! Teresa enjoys creating small towns filled with quirky characters and high crime rates. She lives in Houston, Texas with her family and spends her time as a writer and caregiver.

Teresa started the Pecan Bayou Mystery Series in and adds to it yearly. Teresa loves to write with just a little humor and to include characters you might not find in other cozies, including Danny who was influenced by her own son with Down syndrome. Teresa Trent: My life experience plays into my writing. Because of that, I am around many people like him. I love a certain kind of story. I want to be touched emotionally but I also want to laugh, so characters need to be human.

I also laugh at my own jokes. Kass: Why crime fiction? What is the appeal of mysteries for you, rather than say romance or science fiction? I loved solving the puzzle of finding the murderer. With romance you know the guy and the girl are going to get together in the end. With a mystery you are never sure if your suspected villain is the right villain, so, the ending in this genre is unpredictable. I love sci-fi, but have never felt I know enough of the science side to write it. Why does that subgenre appeal to you as a writer? Teresa: I write cozy mysteries because I enjoy the small-town characters and the less graphic situations.

I have written some light horror short stories but find I keep coming home to cozies. As a reader, I enjoy all types of stories. To me a good story is found in the writing more than the genre, so if a book hits the best seller list, I want to read it, not only for pleasure but to see what that author did right! Why is that? Teresa: I love writing a first draft. I love collecting thoughts, characters, plot lines, settings and then putting them all into a story.

After that comes several drafts where I drag through the story looking for grammatical errors and plot holes and I usually have plenty of both! Kass: Where are you in your writing career? Book 1 in the Pecan Bayou series.

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Austin is also a part of the hill country and politically a little more left-leaning than the rest of the state. It is no mistake that Rocky, my newspaper editor has a Christmas tree that always leans slightly to the left. I so enjoyed creating this cast of characters starting with my amateur sleuth, Betsy, a woman who writes helpful hints for a living, and is constantly having to tackle those pesky bloodstains.

Nora is very different from Betsy and works in the historic Tunie hotel.

Piney Woods is an oil boom-bust town heavily influenced by close neighbor, Louisiana. Gumbo is a popular dish on the menu and running across the state line to gamble is a major attraction.

Twisted Twins: Teen sisters confess to brutal murder of mother

Nora and her law man boyfriend, Tuck Watson solve murders together while Nora tries to keep the hotel afloat. Teresa: That would be how to explode a port-a-potty. You would be amazed how many You Tube videos there are on the subject. Kass: In your latest story, what changed the most from the first draft to the last? Teresa: My latest book, Murder of a Good Man , was a little darker than some of my other stories, so I had to work to bring it up to the lighter form of the cozy mystery.

When I first started writing this book, the news had just come out about Bill Cosby, and that was the inspiration for the plot line. What if a guy the whole world loved was really not such a fine gentleman? Thank you so much for joining us today, Teresa! If you all have any questions for her, please ask them in the comments.

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  8. And you can connect with her on her blog , on Twitter or Goodreads. Next thing you know, Adam has been murdered in a nasty knife attack. Suspicion instantly falls on Nora, one of the last people to see him alive. After all, everyone in Piney Woods loved him. Or did they? Nora learns that her mother had a complicated past she never shared with her daughter. Now the secrets it harbors may be the key to getting Nora off the hook.

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    4. Note: I am going to be traveling when this interview goes live, so K. Owen will be fielding comments. We are very pleased to bring you another crime writers interview, this time with Mary Feliz , who writes the Maggie McDonald Mysteries featuring a Silicon Valley professional organizer and her sidekick golden retriever.

      Mary has led an interesting life. I felt the image portrayed by Hollywood and TV focused only on the mega-rich.

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      The area boasts an extraordinarily diverse population representing all 50 states and all corners of the globe. All major religions have a visible presence, along with those who follow a number of less-well known spiritual paths. In the fantasy world of cozy mysteries, ordinary people win and justice is always restored. But I think my characters might be more comfortable being considered the cast of a traditional mystery, in which small groups of clever friends and strangers combine forces to bring bad guys to justice and restore the community to an even keel.