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Deception Point Lesson Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test/quiz questions, and more. Everything you need to teach Deception Point.
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At night, flash canisters were used to simulate firing.

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By day, they painted signs and helmet insignias to mimic Army divisions that were, in reality, maneuvering elsewhere. Everything was choreographed to the most minute detail. It was like a traveling road show that went up and down the front lines. Ghost Army artists went on to illustrious careers in the art world after the war. Brooklyn native Art Kane went into photography, capturing the legendary image of 57 jazz musicians sitting on a stoop in Harlem.

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Ellsworth Kelly rose to fame for his minimalist deconstructions of the physical world, jettisoning conventional canvases, and designing pieces that exist somewhere between traditional paintings and sculpture. These creative types offer some useful lessons for the present. This naturally includes manipulating data and information via cyber and electronic means. Likewise, social media, as we have witnessed repeatedly over the last few years, can be leveraged by hostile actors in order to misinform and misdirect.

This new battlefield requires warfighters with unique skills: computer programmers, hackers, big data analysts, engineers, social media mavens, and artificial intelligence and machine learning scientists.

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While the stereotype of hackers as anti-social, un-athletic men clad in black hoodies hunched over a keyboard is overwrought, it is also true that the skills that may help us to fight and win in an increasingly contested and complex battlespace may force us to rethink current recruitment and retention paradigms. Indeed, the Ghost Army proves otherwise. Instead, like the troops conscripted from other sectors of society, the artists held their own. When under fire, they maintained their cool and completed their missions.

In the end, the artists proved their worth, earning a letter of commendation at the end of their service from the commander of the 9 th Army, Gen. At the outset of World War II, sonic deception was in its infancy. The British experimented with sonic deception in late , yet, it was unclear if sound could be effectively employed for trickery.

The science of recording and playback was still immature — recording equipment was bulky and speakers had limited range and accuracy. The area proved an ideal location for testing sonic deception. The diverse terrain at Pine Camp — woods, open land, and lake — provided an ideal experimental test bed for identifying the distance sound travels under different topographic and weather conditions.

The nd — the sonic portion of the Ghost Army — used the tests at the Army Experimental Station to create a firing table with sound ranges based on topography and weather. Much like how artillery can identify the range of its munitions, the nd could do the same, but their ordnance was noise. Upon deployment, sonic deception was so successful that even members of the 23 rd found it deceiving. As one Ghost Army G. Psychologically it was the most unnerving thing; I would actually begin to see tanks in the dark. Just as the U. Information operations employ tools — any tool — to positively shape the information environment in support of friendly force missions.

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Live training ranges fail to simulate the complexities of the technical and cognitive dimensions of the information battlespace. Indeed, experimentation must move beyond the physical environment to the information environment. As one senior executive civilian in the U. Not only did this immediately deprive German Gen. Erwin Rommel of a wealth of tactical intelligence, the captured intercept unit and an affiliated German intelligence handbook cued the Allies into Axis intelligence gathering techniques.

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The 23 rd realized that if they were to effectively impersonate U. Not only would they have to emulate how different radio nets functioned, but they would also have to mimic individual level radio operators. The men of the 23 rd began eavesdropping on friendly radio force transmissions. Thank you! To our storefront in Anacortes Approximately 90 minutes from Seattle; 1-hour from Bellingham. We had a wonderful trip. Blake was a great guide. Very relaxed and nice pace. The side trip to the lighthouse was magical, and nice to get out and stretch.

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I want to thank you so much for adding the 5 hour trip on Friday. I know that you went out of your way to accommodate me. I deeply appreciate it. I had a wonderful time with your two guides—James and Alex. James knew where to look to see all the wildlife at just the right moments. I just wanted to thank you for arranging an incredible kayak trip for my sister and I — it truly was a trip of a lifetime! Peter was an incredible guide who was so helpful and informative plus we were blessed with amazing wildlife to watch and perfect weather.

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It could not have been better. I just wanted to let you know that the tour was everything your website promised and more. We saw bald eagles, harbor seals, purple starfish, anemones, water, sky, interesting geology and more. We tasted two kinds of kelp, learned about tide runs, skipped stones into the ocean, and met a fascinating young guide. What a great day!

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  5. We had a great time. Your approach was professional, knowledgeable, friendly and most of all…fun! Our kudos to Dave as well. As guides, you compliment each other very well. Thank you again for taking the 3 of us sea kayaking a couple of weeks ago. The other students put their heads on their desks so they can't see.

    The seven Its wander the room. Each taps one of the seated students on the head. As a student is tapped, he or she raises a hand. When all seven Its return to the front of the room, they say in unison, "Seven up, stand up! If a student guesses correctly, he or she replaces the person who did the tapping. The game begins again when all have had a chance to guess. In this game, nobody wants to hold the rubber chicken -- the game's only prop! To begin the game, all students sit in a circle.

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    Select one person to be It. That person holds the rubber chicken. The teacher or a "caller" says to the person holding the chicken, "Name five presidents of the United States. Pass the chicken! Students quickly pass the chicken around the circle.