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Die Reeducation-Politik Im Pressewesen Der Amerikanischen Besatzungszone Nach (German Edition) [Gerrit Hahn] on Pressewesen in der amerikanischen Besatzungszone von vorgenommen werden kann.
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Email or Customer ID. Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. This is a great step forward domestically but German nationalism and its demoniac counterparts have not been completely exorcised. This paper deals with the formation of democratization policy of American military Government and its successor, the American High Commission.

It focuses on the period from defeat of Germany May to June in which American democratization program ended at the local level.

I pay attention to the formation and development of denazification policy by both the American Military Government and German and re-education re-orientation program by Kreis Resident Officer of Land commission. In this paper, I divide the period into four parts according to its peculiarities. I examine how American policies developed and why these policies failed finally.

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  7. American Military Government carried out denazification and re-education on purpose to democratize German society. How and where did Americans locate democratization policy after a switch in economic recovery policy in ? Denazification in the American zone was carried out with initial severity. In applying the rough-and-ready procedure to Germans, the consequences have been more than ordinarily severe. Proof of this action can be seen in the dismissal not only of those whose removal was required by the directive but also of those in whose case discretion was allowed.

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    Since the influence of Nazism was rather stronger than American authority had predicted, American officials realized that denazification could not be accomplished without German help. But the number of cases to be handled by judicial machinery was amounting to the great majority of the adult population that the process of rectification was slow as the complications accumulated. Germans were not satisfied with prohibition and restriction of employment.

    Though process of denazification was promoted by amnesties and amended law, staffs of local authority on denazification could not deal with the cases of major offenders.

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    As a result, the ex-Nazi forces which succeeded in rehabilitation were much more than those who were politically purged. It was estimated that denazification policy ended in failure or was not completely carried out. However, the matter was not so simple for the democratization in postwar west Germany.

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    Although denazification was not completely carried out as a whole, it contributed to change in the German top leadership in the postwar era. They proceeded to democratization with collaboration with the American Military Government. Hence, antidemocratic power could not be strong when the Federal Republic of Germany was establised.